Rachel Lohman on Hope in Grief

January 21, 2021 00:31:59
Rachel Lohman on Hope in Grief
Lavish Hope
Rachel Lohman on Hope in Grief

Jan 21 2021 | 00:31:59


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Rev. Liz Testa

Show Notes

Rachel Lohman is the founder of hopeagaincollective.com. Hope Again Collective shares the stories of women who have lost babies through handmade earrings, and a part of every pair sold gives the gift of hope to women in grief through tangible grief/self-care resources. She is a former Miss America title holder and broadcast journalist. Join Rachel and Rev. Liz Testa as they discuss navigating challenges in the media, the pain and loss of miscarriage, and gaining resilience by following God’s voice into new ministry avenues. Note that this episode includes discussion of miscarriage, which could be traumatic for some listeners.

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